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Top 10 Tender Questions

A Quick Guide to Defining the Superyacht Tender Project Brief.

Asking the right questions at the outset of a project is crucial for uncovering key client requirements and establishing a clear brief that plots the course for success.

In order to guide clients, we refer to these 10 key points when embarking on the superyacht tender design and selection process:

  1. Purpose and Usage: What activities and use-cases do you envision for the tender? Will it primarily serve as a means of guest transfer, crew utility, exploration, water-sports, diving, fishing or other mission profiles?

  2. Capacity and Accommodation: How many guests and crew members need to be accommodated? Are there specific requirements for seating, storage and features onboard?

  3. Performance and Specifications: What are your expectations regarding speed, range and fuel efficiency? Are there any particular technical, performance or sustainability criteria that should take precedence?

  4. Safety and Comfort: What safety features and capabilities are necessary in terms of ride quality, shelter from the elements, noise levels, air conditioning, heating, bathroom facilities, privacy and security?  Do children, charterers and elderly guests need to be considered?

  5. Guest Experience: Do you have any special requirements for entertainment or amenities, such as music and lighting, food and drink service, water and beach access, shower facilities and sunbathing areas?

  6. Crew Experience: What are the operational requirements and quality levels that enable the crew to have flexibility and reliability in order to deliver the expected level of service?

  7. Mothership Integration: How will the tender integrate with the mothership for launch and recovery, guest boarding and disembarking, towing, cleaning and maintenance?  What are the storage constraints in terms of dimensions and crane capacity?

  8. Design and Styling: Do you have specific preferences or inspiration for the exterior and interior styling of the tender?

  9. Personalisation: Are there any design elements or features to incorporate that reflect the design of the mothership? Do you have specific branding or identity requirements?

  10. Budget and Timeline: What is the budget range and timeline for the potential design, construction and delivery of the tender onboard the mothership?

By asking these questions, we can gather detailed information to better define a clear and concise brief that aligns with client priorities, as well as those of the captain and crew.

This acts as the central reference point from which the project can evolve to ensure that the delivered tender meets expectations and is fit for purpose.

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